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Tianheng Sun - Demo Reel 2021

Hair and Cloth Simulation 00:05 - 00:30

I worked on the setup and debugging for hair and cloth simulations for all characters and customs in the game WWE 2K22, and also utilized Python, Pyside, and Qt Designer to implement new features for our sim tools. 

Parrot Rigging 00:30 - 00:48

Model from Sketchfab

I designed and created this rig for two weeks for my Rigging Production class. I researched great bird videos and studied rigging for wings, feathers, and the tail. While I struggled to fix the scalability and stretchy IK in the process, I also better understood different parent and constraint relationships.

Cartoony Girl Rigging 00:48 - 00:53

Model from Sophia Videva

This work was also from the Rigging Production course. I had so much fun learning to use the hypershade graphs to create node connections for the controls. I also learned about the ribbon system for the arms. I was inspired to discover a lot of exciting functions in the rigging.

Auto Rig Tool 00:54 - 01:21 

Model from Sketchfab

I started writing this procedural rigging code after taking several online courses on Pymel and MEL, which allowed me to apply and practice my Python knowledge. This tool can automatically load skinning and rig build and create various controllers, which will speed up the rigging process for artists with a large number of characters.

Mechanical Rig 01:21 - 01:54

Model from Anran Gong

In this project, our team aimed to create a scene about a robotics scientist's personal lab, and there were hidden threats inside.

I worked on rigging, animation, and part of environment modeling for this project. When collaborating in the team with other artists and tech artists, I learned animation and technical requirements for the rigging, which also motivated me to develop more convenient controls in the rigging.

I hope to continue discovering various aspects of rigging by working on a variety of props and characters. I'm also eager to practice more in Pymel and MEL to design more useful tools for artists to accelerate the production pipeline. I'm currently learning Pyside and PyQt to build more straightforward UIs and more convenient tools for artists to use.