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Diablo IV - In-game Rigging and Simulation

Diablo IV - Rigging and Simulations for Hero Armors, Mount Armors, and Environment Assets

I'm really glad to share my work from Diablo 4! I worked on skinning and simulations for hero armors, mount armors, and also did rigging and skinning for some of the environment assets shown in this video. I enjoyed tweaking the simulations on the feathers, and also designing rigs for different statues very much!

I want to express my great gratitude to the tech art team for always giving me valuable feedbacks to polish my work, and also being supportive in every day's work. I also want to appreciate for all the hard work done by the pipeline tech art team, who constantly supported our tools and content creation process behind the scene.

Additionally, huge thanks for all the effort from character artists, animators, and interactive designers together to make all these assets look wonderful in the game! Congratulations to our success on the game!