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Rigging Reel 2020

Tianheng Sun - Rigging Reel 2020

Parrot Rigging 00:05 - 02:07 Model created by an anonymous artist on Sketchfab
I designed and created this rig within 2 -3 weeks for my Rigging Production class taught by Prof. Johannes DeYoung. I studied the rigging for wings, feathers, and the tail and also researched great bird videos for the preparation. I had a hard time fixing the scalability and stretchy IK, but it worked in the end! I also gained a better understanding of different parent and constraint relationships in the rigging.

Cartoony Girl Rigging 02:07 - 03:00 Model created by Sophia Videva
This was also created in Prof. DeYoung's rigging class. I had so much fun when learning to use the hypershade graphs to create node connections for the controls. I also learned about the ribbon system to create the arms. I was inspired to discover a lot of interesting functions in the rigging.

Cartoony Bear Rigging 03:00 - 04:21 Model created by me
I created the model and retopology of this bear, and then I also took a fundamental rigging class on Pluralsight and tried to build the rigging for it on my own. This bear was my very first try on rigging, and I learned various rigging techniques in this process.

Simple Ball Rigging 04:21 - 04:42 Model created by me
I created this ball rigging to fulfill both rigging and animation requirements. It has separate controls for the deformation and transformation so that the animator could easily change only one factor at a time. It also has both bending and squeezing deformations, that enables the animator to work on a ball bounce animation.